We’re working in partnership with nature to help people lead healthy lives.

From our home in New Zealand’s remote Tairāwhiti region, Rua Bioscience works to cultivate and develop quality-assured medicinal cannabis as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

With controlled growing conditions and world-leading plant research and clinical expertise, we’re set to create the highest quality products for the global healthcare industry.

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Our story


Innovation inspired by our people and our home.

We’re proud to be writing a new chapter in the New Zealand story of excellence in horticultural innovation. Learning from the past and looking to the future, we’re finding new ways to unlock nature’s healing power.

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Expanding healthcare possibilities.

Global research increasingly points to cannabis as one of nature’s most broad-acting bioactive medicines. We’re working to understand the full potential of cannabinoids to enhance and restore health – naturally, safely and effectively.

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Advancing global standards for the medical cannabis industry.

We’re a founding member of FairCann, an initiative designed to make the cannabis industry equitable, sustainable and accessible. And as a member of global standards body ASTM, we’re also benchmarking standards for the cannabis industry around the world.


ASTM D37 Committee

NZ Medical Cannabis Council 

Sustainable Business Network


Cultivating new conversations.

Through dialogue and leadership, we’re advancing the medical cannabis industry globally.